Cav. Destroys Enemy Stockpiles Near Sark

The following article, “Cav. Destroys Enemy Stockpiles Near Sark” was published in the “The Screaming Eagle”, Pacific Vol. III, No. 4, February 2, 1970.

CAMP SALLY – An enemy warehouse near Fire Base Sark, south of Khe Sanh, was recently discovered and destroyed by “C” Troop, 2nd Sqdrn. (Ambl.) 17th Cav. The stockpiles, consisting of cartons of fuel and ammunition, were found on either side of a major enemy infiltration route. During the operation, the helicopters came under heavy automatic weapons fire from approximately two platoons of NVA soldiers in bunker emplacements near the warehouse. The Cavalry troop received support from four Cobra gunships from the 4th Bn. (Ambl.) 77th Arty. Observers reported 23 secondary explosions and three enemy soldiers killed in action.