Dong Ap Bia as remembered by Condor 6

The following is an email excerpt from Bill Zierdt in response to a commentary provided by Oliver North in memory of the 43rd anniversary of the fabled 101st Airborne Division - Operation Apache Snow. (See the full text of that commentary in A Shau Valley "Stories".
The first soldiers on Dong Ap Bia, and the last, off were Condors. Our Blues established and secured the LZ for the lift of the Currahees and other infantrymen. The first man out of our helicopters was SSG Robert Howard who was killed immediately from a spider hole. At the other end of the operation we provided reconnaissance and cover for for the extraction of the infantry battalions.

Shortly after the last of the Americans were extracted, a Cobra, from another unit, crashed on the top of the hill. We then inserted our Blues, destroyed radios and SOIs and extracted the two crewmen. Our extraction began about 2000 and ended shortly after midnight when the last of the Condors was lifted to FB Berchtesgaden. We sorted stuff out there and flew home to Sally.

Might I say, with no objectivity, that the extraction was the best organized and controlled small operation I was ever involved with.

Bill Zierdt
Condor 6